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  • Insulfluf removal
  • Vermon infested insulation
  • Insulation deterioration
  • Homeowner allergy to dust or chemical
  • Prior to rebuilding
  • Clearing timber for borer or similar treatment
  • Wet or damp insulation

We offer a full removal and re-insulation service for accessible roof attics or sub-floor cavities.

With blankets/batting/boards this involves bagging the materials & either dumping or storing on site for later reinstallation.

With Insulfluf or other loose fill materials with formaldehyde we cleanly suck out the old insulation into an air tight trailer to ensure duct free environment These materials are not reused and have to be dispose of properly and safely .

Vermon infested and moisture absorbent materials we leave reinstallation for up to 3 - 5 days after to ensure the surrounding timber has dried out or aired out.